The MAATA supports the educational endeavors of future athletic trainers by offering scholarships to students showing potential in the profession.


Service Award

Jolene Hennig, EdD, ATC

Maggi Souris, MS, ATC

Donita Valentine, DAT, ATC

Jamila Watson, MS, ATC


Most Distinguished Athletic Trainer

Andy Carter, MS, ATC

Ray Davis, MS, ATC

Mike Goforth, MS, ATC

Sheila Gordon, MEd, ATC

Alice McLaine, PhD, ATC



Service Award

Jason Mitchell, MSEd, LAT, ATC


Most Distinguished Athletic Trainer

George Wham, EdD, SCAT, ATC


Gatorade Secondary School Athletic Trainer

George Wham, EdD, SCAT, ATC


MAATA Most Distinguished Athletic Trainer

Thaddeus Moore, MA,

Thomas “TJ” Morgan, MS, ATC


MAATA Service Award

Debbie Bradney, DPE, ATC, ACSM-CEP


Most Distinguished Athletic Trainer

Renee Cork, Med, Vat-L, ATC

Robert Cable, MS, ATC, NREMT-B

Scott Johnson, MS, VAT-L, ATC

Service Award

Andy Carter, MS, VAT-L, ATC

Greg Penczek, MS, LAT, ATC

Director's Award

Dr. Doug Gregory, MD


Most Distinguished Athletic Trainer

Herb Amato, DA, ATC

J.J.Bush, ATC

Joe Beckett, EdD, ATC

Martin Baker, MS, ATC-L

Shery Summers, ATC

Service Award

Jim Bazluki, Mad, LAT, ATC

John Knaul, MS, ATC

Dan Lopez, ATC

Maureen Thompson, MS, ATC

Jess Vera Cruz, MSEd, ATC


Most Distinguished Athletic Trainer

Scott Barringer, Med, LAT, ATC, CAA

Peter Kotz, MS, ATC, CES

Dave Pawlowski, Med, ATC

Jennifer Rheeling, MS, ATC

Vince Stilger, HSD, ATC

Bonnie Van Lunen, PHd, ATC, FNATA

Service Award

Brett Wood, Med, LAT, ATC

Theresa Zablocki, MS, ATC

Robert Cable, MS, ATC

Ken Brown, Med, ATC

Lance Fujiwara, Med. ATC


Service Award

Mike Hanley, MS, LAT, ATC

Scott Johnson, MS, VAT-L, ATC

Barbara Long, Edd, VAT-L, ATC

TJ Morgan, MS, LAT, ATC


Most Distinguished Athletic Trainer

Jm Berry, EdD, SCAT, NREMT

Lori Bristow, Med, LAT, ATC

Marty Sataloff, LAT, ATC

Service Award

David McAllister, MAEd, LAT, ATC

Renee Cork, Med, ATC

Amy Magladry, Med, LAT, ATC

Thaddeus Moore, Jr., MA, LAT, ATC

From left to right are:
Mark White, MS, ATC - MAATA Most Distinguished Athletic Trainer
Randy Meador, MS, ATC - MAATA Most Distinguished Athletic Trainer
John Lopez, ATC - MAATA Hall of Fame
Al Proctor, AT - MAATA Hall of Fame
Marty Bradley, MS, ATC - MAATA Hall of Fame
John Spiker, PT, ATC - MAATA Hall of Fame
Lori Bristow, ATC - MAATA Service Award

Those grandfathered into the MAATA Hall of Fame from the NATA Hall of Fame (not pictured) were: Paul Grace, Dave Parrin, Bill Prentice, Warren Ariail, Fred Hoover, Andy Clawson, Rod Walters, and Joe Gieck.

Most Distinguished Athletic Trainer

John Bielawski, MHM, LAT, ATC

Service Award

Tom, Kuster, MS, ATC, PES, CES


Most Distinguished Athletic Trainer

Mark White, MS, ATC

Randy Meador, MS, ATC

Service Award

Lori Bristow, Med, ATC

The Inaugural Class of the District III Honors and Awards were honored on May 13, 2011 at the MAATA Annual Meeting in Reston, VA.
Our Mission: To enhance the quality of health care for athletes and those engaged in physical activity, and to advance the
profession of athletic training through education and research in the prevention, evaluation, management, and rehabilitation of injuries.
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