How to Apply to Volunteer in the MAATA

ATs Care Committee

Alice McLaine, PhD, ATC

Winthop University (SC)


Council on Practice Advancement (COPA)
Michael L. Hooper MA, ATC, LAT, CSCS 
Naval Special Warfare (VA)

COPA CORE Workgroup

Andy Carter, MS, ATC (VA)

Nancy Burke, MS, AT Ret (VA)


Committee on Professional Ethics

Paul Rupp, MS, ATC, LAT

Oakton High School (VA)


Zach Garrett DHSc, ATC
Marshall University (WV)


NATA Convention Program Committee
Erik Wilkstrom PhD, ATC, LAT

University North Carolina - Chapel Hill (NC)

Ethnic Diversity Advisory Committee (EDAC)

Brittany Brown, ATC

Children's Hospital of  the King's Daughter (VA)


Political Action Committee

Mark White, MS, ATC, LAT

Murphy-Wainer Orthopedics (NC)



Professional Education Committee (PEC)

Ashley Thrasher, EdD, ATC, CSCS

Western Carolina University (NC)




Post Professional Education Committee (PPEC)

William Adams PhD, ATC

UNC Greensboro (NC)


Professional Development Committee (PDC)

Lisa Custer, PhD, ATC

Towson University (MD)


Education Advancement Committee (EAC)

Lindsey H. Schroeder, EdD, LAT, ATC

UNC Wilmington (NC)



Government Affairs Committee

Brian Curless, MA, ATC

Palmetto Health (SC)​


NATA Hall of Fame

Nancy Burke, MS, AT Ret (VA)


Peter Kotz, MS, LAT, ATC, CES
Our Lady of Good Counsel High School (MD)



NATA LGBTQ+ Advisory Committee

Ami Adams, MS, ATC, CES
Grimsely High School Head Athletic Trainer
Greensboro Orthopaedics (NC)


Professional Responsibility in Athletic Training Committee

Rod Walters DA, ATC (SC)

Public Relations Committee

Christina Carrillo, MS, ATC

Friendship Charter Public School (DC)


Secondary School Athletic Trainers' Committee

Sheila Gordon, ATC, SCAT
White Knoll High School (SC)


NATA Athletic Training Service Award

Scott Johnson, MSEd, ATC LAT
Old Dominion University (VA)



​​NATA Foundation

Marty Baker, ATC
Elon University (NC)



NATA Specialty Awards

Robert J. Casmus MS, ATC, LAT     

Novant Sportsmedicine (NC)


Student Leadership Committee

Victoria Simpson

University of South Carolina (SC)

Young Professionals' Committee
Kelly Crowe, MSEd, ATC, CSCS

MedStar Health (VA)

The following NATA Committees do not have

appointed representatives from every district.


Intercollegiate Council for Sports Medicine


  Division I Big East

Shawn Hendi, MS, ATC

Georgetown (DC)

Intercollegiate Council for Sports Medicine Division
At-Large Member

Jennifer O’Donoghue, PhD, LAT, ATC. CSCS
North Carolina State University (NC)


International Committee - AFATS Liasion

Diana Settles, ATC

US Navy (NC)


Journal AT Committee

Sr Assoc Editor

Jay Hertel, PHD, ATC, FNATA

University of Virginia (VA)



Journal AT Committee

Assoc Editor

Darin Padua, PhD, ATC

INC- Chapel Hill (NC)


Journal AT Committee

Sr Assoc Editor

Sandra Shultz, PhD, ATC, FNATA

UNC-Greensboro (NC)


Journal AT Committee

Assoc Editor

Susan Saliba, PhD, ATC, FNATA

University of Virginia (VA)



Journal Committee

Assoc Editors

Joseph Hart, PhD, ATC

University of Virginia (VA)



Kristen Kucera

UNC -Chapel Hill (NC)


Our Mission: To enhance the quality of health care for athletes and those engaged in physical activity, and to advance the
profession of athletic training through education and research in the prevention, evaluation, management, and rehabilitation of injuries.
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