2021 Free Communications

Case Series Levels 1-4 Research


Bilateral Forearm Fractures in a Basketball Player

Robert Casmus, MS, LAT, ATC


Acute Bilateral Calcaneal Fractures in a Division I Cheer Athlete:
A Case Study

Ashlee Humphries, MS, LAT, ATC


Double Ligament Repair of MCL and PCL

Emily Fankhanel, Marshall University, WV


Reverse Total Shoulder with Ulnar and Median Nerve Neuropathy

Gary Gilbert, Marshall University, WV


Acute Kidney Failure in a Collegiate Football Athlete

Brittany Hensley, Marshall University, WV


The Use of Anti-Gravity Treadmill as a Therapeutic Modality:
A Level 3 Case Study

Ian McQuaid, Towson University, MD


Bipartite Talus: A Case Study

Andrew Quinlan, Marshall University, WV


Perilunate Dislocation in an Intercollegiate Football Player:
A Case Study

Katherine Treff, Frostburg State University, MD


Weber C Fracture and Medial Malleolus Dislocation in a College Football Player: A Case Study

Sylvia Watson, Frostburg State University, MD


Bilateral Thoracic Outlet Syndrome and Ulnar Neuropathy in a Collegiate Defensive Lineman: A Level 3 Case Study

Kaitlyn Whipp & Maura Gaffney, Towson University, MD



Critically Appraised Topic Research


The Effect of Dry Needling as a Therapeutic Intervention for
Plantar Fasciitis Pain: A Critically Appraised Topic

Brett Elder, University of South Carolina, SC


The Effectiveness of Kinesiotaping in Reducing Postoperative Knee Swelling and Pain Compared to Other Standard Treatments:
A Critically Appraised Topic

Erin Frey & Kayla Ruszin, Towson University, MD

Relationship Between Clinically Diagnosed Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy and Depression: A Critically Appraised Topic

Leona Keller, University of South Carolina, SC


Outcomes Addressing Disordered Eating in Elite Gymnasts:
A Critically Appraised Topic

Isabelle Minkin, University of South Carolina, SC


The Effectiveness of Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy for
Achilles Tendinopathy: A Critically Appraised Topic

Kaitlyn Pierce, University of South Carolina, SC



Original Research


Athletic Trainers’ Viewpoints of Patient-Centered Care

Zachary Winkelmann, PhD, SCAT, ATC


Factors in Parents’ Decision Making for Children’s Participation
in Youth Football

Courtney Meyer, MS, SCAT, ATC


The Need for Mental Health Screenings on Pre-Participation Examinations to Prevent Injury During Regular Season
Division I Football

Jordan-Lee Dobbins, University of South Carolina, SC


General Anxiety, Depression, and Stress Symptoms in
Division III Athletes

Cody Hammock, University of Lynchburg, VA


Does Performance Decrease Following Return to Play From Concussion in Professional Basketball Athletes?

Bailey Hawkins, University of Lynchburg, VA


Frequency and Magnitude of Rotational Impacts in Collegiate Football Players

Kim Hill, Marshall University, WV


The Perceived Benefits of Therapy Dog Utilization in Athletic
Training Clinics

Faith Manning, University of Lynchburg, VA


Linear Head Impact Magnitudes Across American Football Positions

Lauren Montgomery,  Marshall University, WV


Incidence of Depression Post-Concussion in Collegiate Athletes

Audrey Olzacki, University of South Carolina, SC



Emily Hildebrand_edited_edited.jpg

Faculty Advisor

Emily Hildebrand, PhD, LAT, ATC

Emily is currently the program director and an assistant professor for the Towson University Athletic Training Program. She is in her second year as the Faculty Advisor for the MAATA Student Senate. In her role as Faculty Advisor, Emily hopes to work closely with a diverse group of students from the District in order to reach all athletic training students within the Region. She also hopes to continue to build a Student Program that will excel the professional development of future health care providers.

Jena H.jpg

Free Communications Chair

Jena Hansen-Honeycutt, DAT, LAT, ATC

Jena has served as the MAATA Free Communications Chair since 2017. 

Currently she works at George Mason University as an athletic trainer for the School of Dance and as an adjunct faculty.