Working with International Student-Athletes:  How to Communicate and  Build Affective Relationships   


Use of Critical Appraisal and Pre-Appraisal Evidence


NATA Professional Development Committee "ICF Disablement Model"


Introductory Vestibular Assessment & Treatment for Benign Paroxysmal Postional Vertigo (BPPV) in Concussed Athletes 


Safe Works Space:  Working with LGBTQ Athletes 

Snapping Hip Syndrome in Dancers 

The Hydration Debate: Making Sense of the Mixed Messages 

How Athletic Trainers Can Stay off Outside the Lines 

Understanding Patient Values, an Essential Component of Providing Quality Healthcare 

Emergency Management of Lacrosse Patients 


Superficial & Deep Heating Modalities:  Using Evidence to Improve Outcomes 

Reducing  the Exposure to Risk and Liability 

What are the Current Trends for Management and Prevention of Ankle Sprains Among Athletes? 


Implementing  the NATA Position Statement Recommendations for Ankle Sprain Rehab:  An Evidence -Based Approach 

Management of Tendonitis 

Beyond Direct Pressure: Evidence Based Practice for Shock and Advance Wound Care 

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